Friday, 28 March 2014

Saying Yes to the Dress

Love finds you when you least expect it. 

A cliché as old as the English itself, or so I would assume I literally haven't a clue how old that cliche is. Regardless, it is something a friend said to me a few days ago when we were discussing my looming exchange. I indicated that I intend to fall in love with a nice British or Scottish boy while abroad and that lovely cliché was her response. She told me I couldn't go looking for love and actually expect to find it.I let her know that I am always looking for love. In her lovely and honest (but also quite brute and heartbreaking)manner she told me that is why I haven't found love. Or even really like, or even just like. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Now, although I do not subscribe to this love finds you when you least expect it school of thought, I have had unintentional encounters with it. Second hand of course. You see my darling older cousin started dating a boy a while back. And fast forward six months and... Well
Here we are wedding dress shopping. 

Let me just say, was it ever an interesting experience. I didn't think a nineteen year old is meant to be prepared to be a bridesmaid, but I don't think my cousin thought at twenty-one she'd be getting married. It's absolute madness. 

Nevertheless I love shopping. And shopping for a wedding dress is absolutely amazing. We were at a cute boutique in Toronto, and although I don't think I was supposed to I had to snap some pictures. 

They had a lot of "example," decor, so I imagine this is an example of a bouquet? Maybe a centre piece? I don't know I just know it's pretty 
This is definetly a centre piece. I think. Again, it's pretty so does it matter what it is? 

I'm almost certain this is a bouquet. 

The entire boutique  was adorable

Even the fitting rooms look like something out of a fairytale! 

Again, I do apologize because I wasn't entirely sure if I was allowed to take pictures because there were couture dresses laying around and taking unauthorized pictures of those would be an issue, so forgive the shitty angles on some of these. 

Also, if you were wondering she said yes to the dress. It was a joyous occasion, while sipping our expresso she announced and they offered champagne. It's official. Sadly, dear reader, you won't get to see that for a another few months. Also, if you were wondering she hasn't selected a bridesmaid dress yet, she's planning on going coral which doesn't bother me, I mean coral seems to have become generic but I do look relatively good in that colour. Besides, it's not my day so I really have little say. 


ps. Preparing for this wedding just reminds me of my sad and lonely life.


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  2. Love the post and photos are amazing :)