Friday, 21 March 2014

It's a Party in the UK

I woke up this morning to an extremely confusing email. It said I was currently being considered for a second semester exchange and that I would hear my result shortly. Of course, if you've read this blog before (or if you noticed my title) I intend to do a YEAR exchange, in fact my top choice university, Durham Univerisy, only accepts students who are applying for a full year. So obviously this news threw me off. Both anxious, and exhausted due to lack of sleep within the past two weeks (I had six papers, you will not believe the number of tears shed and the I cants whispered) I went to our exchange coordinators office here at Mac and asked her what was going on. 

She basically told me Durham requires an even higher average to get into then the actual exchange program at Mac. At Mac you need a 7.0 to get into but to study at Durham you would need an 8.0. Because my first year average wasn't very high along with my second year only having 3 marks (due to full year classes not having posted their marks) this seemed unlikely for me. However, I spoke to The coordinator explained it to her and even shared the marks I've received so far this semester. Whether it was blatant improvemeant, or my almost depressing desperation The lovely coordinator (I don't feel it's appropriate to use her name) nominated me to go on exchange to my top choice uni. I chose Durham for a number of reasons, it has a reputable Political Science program, bits of Harry Potter was filmed there, but most importantly this is why I chose Durham 

Above we have a photo of the University of Durham. Honestly, we just don't have schools like this in Canada. I mean i love my home country, don't get me wrong but there is no comparison.

Still, because getting into Durham is so competitive, and because I'm clearly extra special the exchange coordinator also nominated me for my second choice, the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow Scotland. Above is a photo of Strathclyde although not as beautiful as Durham still extremely captivating and a step up from my current institution (no offence). Basically my coordinator is guaranteeing, or at least giving me as much of a guarenree as she can that I'll have my year in the UK next year. This is a major deal as you are only expected to get one nomination, in fact some people don't even get a nomination. Yet, I got two. 

As amazing as this all sounds I have so many preparations. I have my application to my host university due Tuesday and a lot of work must go into this. For example, I need to get two reference letters. I already had one done earlier on in the year so I simply asked that teaching assistant to reprint it, and then I emailed a different TA who I have a great relationship with and she was totally willing to help. It's amazing because it's super short notice (they literally have four days) but they are doing this for me and so I am eternally great full. 

I also am expected to make scary life changing decisions in these next four days (example do I want to live on campus or get a place to rent?) and all other university based choices. For all of us champs going on a year exchange we have mandatory meeting Monday night, unfortunately I work Monday nights so I'm currently in the process of trying to get someone to cover my shift. Regardless I am officially nominated to study abroad. 


Sorry, I started writing this post Thursday night to avoid homework and vocalize my excitement, but when I woke up on this lovely Friday morning the craziest thing happened. I had an email saying, and I quote "Your nomination to attend the University of Strathclyde as an exchange student has been approved," it may not be Durham, but it's somewhere in the UK. So regardless of whether or not I get into the university of Durham (and if I do I will chose Durham, for sure) next year I will be having my year long PARTY IN THE UK 

My goodness I can't believe this is actually happening. I freaking moving to the other side of the atlantic ocean.