Saturday, 15 March 2014

Online Shopping Haul!

Winter to spring is by far my favourite style transition. I'm not sure what it's like on other parts of the world but in southern Ontario we can go from -30 degrees to +10 in a matter of a week. Which means that in a short weeks time you have to revolutionize your entire wardrobe and prepare for the constant shift between sunshine and rainy days. But I think anyone who lives near where I do can agree that anything is better than the freezing cold days and crazy amounts of snow and ice that we've received.

To prepare myself for this drastic change in weather I dabbled into my favourite past-time. Online shopping. It's a certified addiction, but it's so convenient! My crazy busy schedule between school everyday of the week and roughly twenty hours of work makes it so I just don't have time to go out and physically shop, so this online alternative is perfect. I'm able to access my favourite stores (except H&M damn you) and can make a purchase and expect them to arrive anywhere between five to ten business days. But, who am I kidding, I almost always pay the extra for express shipping because I am a impatient and lack good decision making skills. 

Last weekend I went a bit crazy with the whole online shopping thing and prepared myself for my spring wardrobe, so I thought I'd share some of my favourites and must haves this spring with you guys!

basically stuck with very comfortable and very generic spring clothing, still it's nothing like I already had in my closet. I've always been really self conscious so the whole shedding skin for the warmer weather is something that always makes me anxious. So often I've seen really beautiful clothing that look so great and so many beautiful girls, but in my bigger size I'm usually to nervous to try and dress similarly.  This year I promised myself I'd try. It's an amazing thing to do, but very confusing. I can go from feeling beautiful and confident one minute to being super anxious and self-conscious the next. Regardless, I'm trying to enjoy these super cute outfits! The clothing I bought could really be mixed and matched into any combination, but I thought I'd show you some of my favourite organizations of the clothing. 

From head to toe: 
Hat: Forever 21 
White Tank top Forever 21 
Mesh Cardigan: Forever 21
Black high-waisted skirt: Urban Outfitters
Knee High socks: Urban Outfitters

Hat: Forever 21 
Black Crop Top: Forever 21 

Floral Skirt: Forever 21 (itsnt it so Tumblr?! I love it ahah

Knee High Socks: Urban Outfitter

I thought I'd give you guys a close up on the hats, incase you can't seem them in great detail. This one I think I might like a bit more. It's style is very much "in," right now. Also, it screams American Horror Story: Coven to me. Which I absolutely adore. I've always wanted to be a Witch!
 This hat caught my eye the moment I saw it online at Forever 21. I think it is so cute, it looks a bit like that stereotypical British police officer hat doesn't it? In fact when it arrived at my house my little brother thought it was for him to dress up as a police officer with as he's stated several times he wasn't to be a police officer when he grows up (if the whole professional soccer player thing doesn't work out!). This hat had met mixed reception with my friends and family, some love it, some hate it. But I adore how unique it is, and thats enough for me!

  Also, I bought some new make-up which you can't see so well in the photographs above. I only recently became a make-up wear-er so I am trying to quickly pick up as many tips as possible. As any makeup girl will tell you, liquid eye linear is absolutely nerve-wrecking. Thankfully, with help from Alexa Chung (who states in It that the pen style is the way to go) and super high reviews on Sephora I tried out the "Stila: Stay all day waterproof liquid eye linear," let me start by saying I have zero complaints. The application with the pen is a thousand times easier than I thought it would be, and the eye linear has lasted me an entire day but still removes easily enough when the time comes.If your in the marked for new eye-linear I would without a doubt recommend it!!

Now, I have an under eye complex. Its pretty genetic with many of the women in my family plagued with extremely prominent dark under eye circles. To be quite honest six months ago I didn't even realize this could be avoided. And then the magic happened, I learned about concealer (its pathetic how long I went without this in my life, I blame not having an older sister to guide me). Then I found this gem, the Christian Dior Nude Concealer. I know Dior has that association with being quite pricey but let me stress how vital this concealer is to my make-up bag. Being an ethnic girl finding make-up that actually matches my skin is nearly impossible, but to find one with lasting coverage, not chalky or too much of a matte finish all while hydrating my  skin? I could not be more satisfied. I honestly think this concealear is the greatest thing I've come across in my nineteen years I love it and I've tried out others and nothing has left me feeling as confident and flawless as this one has. 

Unfortuntaely, If you read my last blog post, you'll know the weather in southern Ontario has been so incosistant that I haven't been able to wear any of these spring outfits. Hopefully the sun will triumph over it's battle with windchill and we can truly have spring. But, I wouldn't put any money on it. Also, if any of you guys are familiar with Style the Natives (I adore and admire her), Charly sold some of her stuff on eBay recently and I bought something! I was too excited to post this so I kind of jumped the gun as it hasn't come in yet, but I'll be sure to update you guys when it does!


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  1. Oh my gosh sally we actually have the same witch hat from forever 21!!! We need to plan some coven escapades. Anyway, this was so fun to read, I loved all the items and the looks you put together. You look so good!!! Loveeee