Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The True North, Strong, Free & Hidden Under Snow.

A few years ago I had a cousin come visit from San Diego. He came around June or July and packed mosty sweaters, when we all laughed at him his justification was that he'd never been to Canada and all he knew of our beloved country is that it's cold and it snows. Let me get one thing straight, it is not cold nor does it snow in the summer months. But in winter, which starts around November and doesn't end earlier than mid-March (ever) well boy, does it snow and does it get cold.

The progression of winter this year has been a rollercoster, we (I say we assuming all people in south-western Ontario held the same sentiments as me) anticipated that first snowfall, but now, over four months later I think we can all agree that we are sick of it. This winter has simply gone on for too long, with too much snow and extremely cold days. To highlight how bad (and long) this has been I've decided to show you some of the pictures I've accumulated over these winter months. 

This was one of the first snowfalls we witnessed this year, over 12 weeks ago. At this point the prospect of snow was exciting and I couldn't wait for more. 

More snow quickly arrived, as in this picture taken about a weak after the previous one a clear blanket of snow sits over the grass that was once there. 

Do you remember that infamous ice storm? Yeah power was out for some parts of town for over three days, but boy was it pretty!

The crazy amounts of snow made it so my familys constant driveway shovelling evolved into a five foot snow monster. Usually our front lawn has a small tree, I haven't seen it for quite sometime. Might have to put in a missing tree report. 

Everything and anything has been hidden by the snow recently. I hardly remember what grass looks like. 

Care to look out your window? Good luck with that one. 

Can you spot the Canadian flag in the distance? We pride ourself on this. 

Yes please. STOP snowing. 

It was almost ten degrees yesterday, mais, aujourd'hui il neige.

Welcome to Canada. The true north, strong, free and hidden under snow. 

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