Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Is this love?

I apologize in advance for the lack of pictures in this posts but this is an immediate feeling and requires immediate attention. Let me just say, I honestly didn't know what love felt like until right now.

Okay, dramatic yes, but this was a life changing experience. It was enlightening, it was liberating it was all encompassing. I imagine this is what an out of body experience feels like. I am in love. Not with a single person though. I am in love with a minimum of three people and a maximum of whatever the population of the United Kingdom is. Let me explain. 

Yes, this is an exchange blog. The old posts encompass the anxiety and the general teenage angst of not getting in, however now that I am in, (and I use that in lightly as it is not guarenteed) my overall disposition has changed. Kinda, not really. Regardless, right now and likely for a while longer, I am so indescribably, happy. I am so excited. Today was our exchange social where we (outgoing exchange students) met with them (students currently on exchange) from the area in which we will study. I sat at a table with two British boys and a British girl and honestly I have never been so happy. We laughed, we joked, shared stories and experiences and it was so relieving. I have had a mix of emotions regard this exchange for so long, it has been an emotional roller coaster and although I am not completely sure this magical experience is going to take place, I have never felt comfortable with the idea of going abroad until now. The three Brits were just ... so fucking cool. And they're accents ... so fucking cool. Ugh I want to relive those moments and conversations for an eternity. 

I can't even begin to discuss the highlights of the night, it really remains a blur of happiness in mind. Keeping in mind there were awkward pauses and moments of silence, this is real life a real conversation with real people. It wasn't perfect. Nonetheless, one of the best moments for me was when I openly discussed my love for Liverpool FC and one of the British boys discussed how he too is a diehard Liverpool fan. We touched fists and I truly felt we solidified a friendship. We discussed how proud we are of the reds for currently making it to the top of the league, (and hopefully staying there!!!) and it was just so refreshing to have someone with the same interests as me, you know? Die hard LFC fans are hard to come by in Canada. One of the other boys recommended I start calling soccer football   and getting comfortable with it as I will likely be made fun of if I continue to call it soccer... Not sure how that'll go over I mean I've been calling it soccer for nineteen years,  but I may as well try right? Honestly I'm really upset I forgot to get all of their names, like I am genuinely upset with myself and I am seriously considering endulging into the depths of Facebook and not surfacing until we are all officially friends but I fear that would be a bit strange. 

I just don't know how to express this, but the entire social has made me so excited for exchange. I can't remember that last time I've had such positive sentiments toward anything. I just love it. 

I don't know, I might just be kinda drunk, but I'm also kinda in love. 


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