Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Day

When I was in the eighth grade a boy approached me in front of the whole class and asked me to be his valentine. He presented me with a cute little teddy bear that held a heart and loaned me a copy of his Twilight, it was the eight grade equivalent of romantic. What did I respond you ask? Well to be quite honest I don’t really remember, in fact I’m pretty sure I ran away. It’s safe to say I didn’t handle that situation well. I remember being flustered and unable to formulate a sentence and to be quite honest… I’ve erased the rest of the particular moment from my memory. The guy was nice, we were good friends (and now, six years later we still like each others Facebook activity just to be nice). Honestly, I truly regret it… it was so undeniably preteen. Mind the excuses but really, I didn’t know how to react. I do remember shortly after the boy publically asking me to be his valentine, he privately apologized for putting me on the spot. He apologized for asking me. Even though I ran away. God… could I be a bigger douche? The reason I’m rehashing this painfully embarrassing story is to explain something to you guys I’m valentines cursed. Publically rejecting him was the first and last time anyone asked me to be their valentine.

Yes I know, a generic post about Valentines Day. But, the thing about with valentines day is that its so hard to ignore. From the bitter posts from the single people you know, to the vomit inducing “I love you babies,” of couples, valentines day is everywhere. I can’t even count the number of girls on my university campus carrying flowers or chocolates today. In fact, the fellow opposite me on the train is on the phone with a friend talking about what they got their significant others for valentines day (if you’re wondering it’s was a card and a headache).  

Here’s the thing… I don’t hate Valentines Day. I’m not going to be a typical single nineteen year old girl who clutches a bottle of wine, an empty box of chocolates and weeps incoherent I’m gonna die alooooone’s. Or at least…. Ill try not to be. This is because, all PTSD from the eight grade aside, I genuinely like valentines day. I envy the girls and boys who have someone in their life that they're excited to spend the day with, I envy the building excitement of questioning what the day will entail, I even envy those particularly pretentious couples who are all “oh I hate valentines day.” It may be because I am kind of a romantic, It maybe because I hope one day I’ll be able to spend Valentines Day with someone special, maybe I even hope that we’ll talk about how pointless and commerical Valentines Day is, but, at least I’ll have someone to do it with. I’m a firm believer in love, that we should all be able to experience it. I so badly want to experience it, but until then I’ll live vicariously through those who do. So if you have someone to spend valentines day with, don’t be a bitch. Just enjoy it.


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