Friday, 14 February 2014

I should probably explain myself.

I'm Salma,
I'm generic,
I'm boring,
I'm nineteen
I'm Canadian.

I'm also trying to change most of this, and i intended to do this by going on an exchange. There's an extensive application process to do this, which is where this blog comes in. Its my sanity. My outlet. My form of expression as i have no where else to put it. You see, I've yet to tell anyone outside my immediate family and immediate group of friends that I am applying for this exchange. And well, I'm pretty sure this small group of people are sick of hearing about my exchange so I decided the internet would much prefer it (and the beauty of the internet is if people don't like it, they can walk away, no strings no obligation).

I started this blog on tumblr initially, I like to take pictures and aimed that my blog would be used primarily for pictures but I also wanted an outlet leading up to the excursion so I started to blog fairly regularly. Tumblr is difficult for genuine blogging, or so i found, so i decided to move over to here. Except I'm entirely unfamiliar and slowly working my way to understanding how to use and navigate this website. If you would like to see my tumblr you can find it here, its currently private but if you ask nicely enough I will give you the password (warning, everything you'll find there you can find here… for now that is) hopefully you'll like it here and you'll wish to stay. Also, I've joined Blog loving' so feel free to follow me there! Hopefully I'll make it into my exchange and you'll actually have something worth staying for. We'll see how it goes.


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