Monday, 17 February 2014

The 21 Cities

The scariest part about applying for this exchange is that three of my best friends here at Uni (L,A,C) are also applying. Meaning, that if I don't get in, I'm not just failing myself, I'm failing them too. Its so nerve wrecking, we’re already planning all of the amazing experiences we’ll be able to share when we’re all away. Its not as if we’re all going to the same place (actually, all three of them intend on going to France) nor are we going for the same time (C plans on only doing a semester exchange) but having familiar faces only being a channel away makes it less scary. However, having to break it to the girls if I do not get in is terrifying in its own right. Since I’m trying to look at the world with new positive goggles on, I’ve aimed to tell myself I am going (which is quickly followed by a maybe) I also tell my self they are going (again followed by hopefully). Nevertheless, the girls and I have made a list of cities that we intend on travelling together when (if) we do all go to Europe. They are as follows:
  1. Dublin
  2. Budapest
  3. Athens
  4. Amsterdam
  5. Prague 
  6. Tuscany
  7. Edinburgh
  8. Cardiff 
  9. Vienna 
  10. Rome 
  11. Venice
  12.   Madrid 
  13. Brussels
  14. Frankfurt
  15. Geneva 
  16. Copenhagen  
  17. Cannes
  18. Munich 
  19. Luxembourg City
  20. Belfast   
  21. Brighton

This list was made by each of us selecting four or five of our “must see,” places in Europe.Intentionally, london and Paris were left out as those are no-brainers. We're going. Finally, we complied our favourite cities. They’re scattered all over the continent, hopefully we’ll be able to get to each of them. I know there are some that I can’t allow myself to not visit. Baby steps though. I have to get into my exchange program first. 


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