Tuesday, 18 February 2014

21 Before 21

Twenty-One seems to be a reoccurring theme in this early stage of my blogging. This is because I plan on leaving Canada at nineteen going on twenty years old, and intend on returning twenty going on twenty-one. The big TWO-ONE. In light of this year away I made a bucket list of sorts, things i'd like to complete before I turn twenty-one. Ultimately, things I want to happen before I return to Canada (assuming I actually leave). Now it's important to note not everything on my bucket list has to happen in Europe, some of the things simply revolve around a lifestyle change and taking risks which can begin right now. Also important is that I want all of these to be completed, meaning I'm trying to keep it as realistic (but still awesome and enjoyable) as possible. So, that means becoming bff's with Alexa Chung is not on the list, but my God how I wish it were. Regardless, the realistic list is as follows:

  1. Get on a plane alone 
  2. Visit all of the 21 cities
  3. Have a life changing kiss
  4. Fall in love 
  5. Build a blanket fort 
  6. Sing with the Kop at an LFC match
  7. Let someone else order food for me 
  8. Spend an entire day speaking french
  9. Shop until i drop
  10. Ask a guy out 
  11. Dedicating an entire day to re-watching my favourite films
  12. Get 21 comments on my blog 
  13. Get a massage 
  14. Go on an impromptu trip
  15. Be a tourist where i live 
  16. Go to an english music festival 
  17. Order dessert first 
  18. Have each of my friends send me their favourite film/novel and read/watch it. 
  19. Order room service 
  20. Attend a film premier 
  21. Take a selfie with Prince Harry
Yes, taking a selfie with Prince Harry is realistic. It will happen. Just you wait and see!


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