Monday, 1 September 2014

Bridesmaid Behind the Lens

Forever ago I mentioned that my older cousin was getting married, well the magical day has come and gone and all thats left of it are the memories that remain, the pictures that were taken and well the new Mr&Mrs that it celebrated. I was lucky enough to be selected as a bridesmaid but in reality I fore-gave all my bridesmaid duties on the day of and voluntarily stayed behind my lens. I wanted to document the pre-wedding preparations as they occurred. This meant grabbing my camera at the crack of dawn and taking pictures of everything as they occurred.

 We rose with the sun that morning with only one goal in mind -making memories.

My aunt and uncle busted out all the stops for their only daughters big day, among the bridesmaid, bride and family members getting married was a camera man who filmed all the shenanigans. 
Along side the camera man they also hired a professional mac make-up artists to pretty us all up. 

Of course after a while I was yelled at for taking so many pictures and not actually getting ready so I had to put my camera down and left the rest of the documenting to the professional, who lets face it, probably did a far better job. It was both a fun and stressful day, and I hope I was able to capture even a fraction of the beauty this day encompasses because believe when I say it was beautiful and the bride looked flawless. Also, you may have noticed I was lacking in any of these pictures however my Instagram is full of shameless selfless from the night so if you're interested give me a follow here


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  1. Loved the photos!! That's so cool that you were a bridesmaid, I've always wanted to be one (hint hint get married soon sally)