Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Love Thy Sister

Self-love is an interesting concept. I mean in theory we should all be able to attain it, we should all in some way or another love ourselves. Of course the construct surrounding beauty has made self-love nearly impossible for so many people internationally. The reality is all outlets of media; Movies, commercials photo shoots; they all tend to exhibit a certain type of look thin, tall, long hair etc etc. There are endless articles, ad campaigns and personal blog post that aim to combat this ordeal. Every day women are fighting so that other women can love themselves. (Although I don’t want to isolate other genders or their issues associated with self-love and acceptance this is the only battle I can directly relate to). However today I stopped and asked myself, are we also perpetuating the problem?

Why is it we live in a world where discussing our accomplishments or positive traits is so taboo? Why is it more normal to hear “I look like shit,” than to hear “I feel beautiful,” We are conditioned to constantly express the worst versions of ourselves and disguise the best. I think the most problematic aspect of aiming to achieve self-love is that we instantly sympathize with those who feel low and want them to feel better, and yet when someone is expressing positive traits they are so often judged. As if it is a terrible, horrible act to be proud of the person we are.Is someone only beautiful until they themselves feel it? Once someone feels satisfied with the person they are, are they no longer beautiful but instead a narcissist? If we are standing in the way of someone else's path to self-love chances are we are all too familiar with someone standing in our own. Maybe the first solution to loving yourself is to love your sisters?  

It is my greatest belief that above all else we should support one another. We should tell all women they are beautiful whether they feel it or not. And if someone feels lovely, if they like their hair or their dress or just simply the person they are we should support that. We should be pushing more women to be confident and powerful and not be bringing others down because we feel threatened or are having a particularly bad day. Above all else positivity breeds happiness please remember that. 


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