Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Post You've Been Waiting For...

Since the beginning stages of my blogging I've noted the uncertainty that it encompasses. This is meant to be a blog dedicated to my exchange, my party in the UK as I've said over a dozen times. The party I've dreamt of for years on end. With every step closer to this possibility becoming a reality I've updated you, each time highlighting that I was a step closer, but not having reached the end goal. The unofficial yes' I've received in the last six months did little to make me feel comfortable and merely increased my frustrations. From being considered, to nominated and so on and so forth I've been on edge. This reached an all time high when, on June 4th I received an e-mail stating that my "application was currently with the relevant department(s) with a request for module approval," and that Durham would  "be in touch with  a list of modules approved by the department(s) as well as an appointment with an academic adviser upon arrival at the  university. " I mean that basically sounds like an in, doesn't it?. Of course the e-mail continued on to say things like "Students accepted for study at Durham University will receive an official offer letter of acceptance as soon as possible," implying that not all students receiving said e-mail would receive an admissions offer. 

My anxiety increased a week later when I received another e-mail which stated that I had been "accepted for two modules by the School of Government and International Affairs," however the other courses I selected would not be available during the 2014/2015 year. So I would need to send them an updated course list before I would be able to receive an official letter of acceptance. Finally, on July 8th 2014 I awoke to an e-mail finally confirming my place at the University of Durham next fall. 

Its actually funny how I got the e-mail. England is five hours a head of so, when I awoke at 6 am because I needed to pee they were already deep into their business hours. So, after returning from the bathroom I did what any compulsive technology obsessed teenager of the 21st century would do and I checked my phone. After seeing the e-mail I was so excited I couldn't fall back asleep. I lay there, with three hours of sleep still available before I had to leave for work. My heart was racing, my fingers couldn't stay still and I was the most excited I've been in a very long time. This is real, this is happening. I have been accepted at the school that has been both my driving factor this year while also inflicting indirect self-doubt. I got into Durham. I'm moving to England. This is real, this is not a false alarm. 

Obviously such exciting news requires celebration so last night I called up some of my oldest girlfriends and we discussed my excitement, my fears and my over all shock over food and drinks. 

Honestly more than anything I am shocked. This has been an idea for so long and the prospect of it as a reality is difficult to grasp. In fact I was almost certain that I wasn't going to go on exchange, as I hadn't responded to my Scottish offer in time. I'm so excited for what this can become and yet I still fear it all slipping away from me. I guess I won't feel fully comfortable until I get my student visa, and even then I won't feel confident until I am on the plane. I look forward to keeping you all updated. 


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