Thursday, 6 March 2014

Positive Thinking and Good Eating

Winter in Canada just won't give up. Just when you think it's about to end it hits you with a final punch, or in this case an entire KO worthy combo. This I believe has resulted in an entire community of people being downright unpleasant lately.Quite franky, I can't blame them, I mean have you ever woken up and just braced yourself for an all around shit day? Everyday this week has been that day for me. It's reaching the end of a semester which means I am currently facing a cumulation of assignments, stress and all around negative energy. This of course all sits ontop of me already stressing irrevocably over my admission into the exchange program. It is safe to say I am tired. Exhausted really. And my days that start at quarter to six and don't usually end till well after midnight don't make my situation any more durable. 

Still, I've recognized complaing isn't beneficial. It's not a solution and it doesn't make things any more bearable. The only way things will get better, is if I force myself to feel better. So I've told myself I am going to enjoy these next few weeks, regardless of how I feel waking up, I want to both wake up and go to bed happy. And the only way this will happen, is if I forced it to. So, I started this today by treating myself. A few friends and I decided to embark on a new place to eat lunch today so we ventured to the on campus bar "The Phoenix," 

The Phoenix's clientele is generally graduate students and professors so the scene is far more mature than the regular eateries. Which can lead to a pricier menu but almost guarantees greater costumer service. 

The architecture of the building quickly became one of my favourite aspects, it's quite rustic which I love. Older building have a certain charisma you don't find on other parts of the campus. I use older sparingly as the restaurant itself isn't too old, however believe the building only recently became the restaurant. But don't quote me. 

I'm not a very adventurous eater so I'll admit my choice of food was boring. Crispy chicken burger with fries and cheese, but the good thing about boring is reliability. It boring does not in anyway mean it wasn't tasty. It was reliable and extremely tastsy. 

Speaking of reliable, 

Yes I know I have the selection of a underager. But hey, it's good, has alcohol and is an instant mood uplifter. So judge me all you want. Speaking of judging I think my server did a fair share of that when i order an alcoholic beverage at half past 11 pm. But hey, I applied the age old "five o'clock somewhere," and enjoyed myself.

All in all treating myself to a nice lunch was a great distraction but I quickly realized you can't avoid work forever. No matter what happens the homework still has to get done but that doesn't mean your day has to suck. I'm trying to find a positive balance in the things i need to do and the things i want to do. I don't want to have to sacrifice one for the other. I realize how important school and work and what not is in my development into an adult and functioning member of society, but I also don't want to have to sacrifice enjoying my youth. So, I'm telling myself I will have more fun and do more things that make me happy. Think positive and be positive I guess. 


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