Tuesday, 4 March 2014

“My mom asked me if there was a gay society at Durham, you know, in case I get accepted there,”

“My mom asked me if there was a gay society at Durham, you know, in case I get accepted there,”

If you watch My Mad Fat Diary, (spoiler alert) Archie comes out to his friends and family. Some take it well, others (no names) don’t adapt so easily to this new news. Unfortunately, as much as I’d love to discuss my down right obsession with My Mad Fat Diary and give you my thoughts on the new episodes and the new season in general (and Nico Mirallegro and Dan Cohen talk about the epitome of flawless men) that is not what this mini-blog post is about. Instead this is about Archie’s mother’s choice of schools. Durham he says. Not Oxford, Cambridge, University College London, the University of Lincoln or anything. Archie’s mother chose Durham. It’s likely that this is a strategic choice, I am unfamiliar with the hierarchy of University’s in the United Kingdom but if my research proves correct Durham is quite prestigious, which is why Archie’s mother would want him to go there. You know, the best education for her son and what not. But I don’t see this as coincidental; I see this as a sign. I can’t help but laugh at the timing. Exactly three weeks ago today I had my exchange interview during which we applicants were told our response would arrive in approximately 2 to 3 weeks. Funny. Fast forward three weeks and I still don’t know, but Archie a personal favourite character in My Mad Fat Diary (who am I kidding, they are all favourites in their own right) is discussing his looming acceptance to Durham as I wait for mine. Dare I say twinning? 

Why Archie? Why did you resurface my obsessive thinking of my application?

I tried to busy my mind since my last blog post. However, regardless of how much I try and distract myself from my exchange application it always seems to find me. I mean I decided to catch up on My Mad Fat Diary so I could think of anything other than exchange, and yet, as its ended all I can think about is exchange. I try and rationalize the longer than three weeks it has taken for my response. We were on reading week (you may know it as spring break) two weeks ago, which basically cancels a week from the school calendar. So maybe they meant three week excluding reading week. I don't know, I'm anxious, obsessive and very nervous. Why did I start thinking about this right before bed? 

Damn you Archie. Just downright damn you.

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