Friday, 14 February 2014


I’ve got my final mark. 
It is a A-. 
Not bad, I have no real complaints about this. But i felt leaving this out would be inconclusive. So far my sessional average is a 8 (good enough for exchange), but my cumulative average is roughly a 6 (not good enough for exchange) technically I still need one more mark for this semester, but it is a midterm mark so it really doesn’t matter. Hopefully i got at least a 9 in that too. Regardless I worked hard first semester, but i definitely could have worked harder, primarily in my history class thats bringing me down. Though I’d argue that i deserved a better mark in that class. Especially by keeping up with my weekly readings (Which I now vow to do)  .So, here’s to a new semester, new classes, new people, same end game. 
really want to go abroad. I need the change

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