Friday, 14 February 2014

New Year, not so new me.

two hours marks the new year for my timezone. And here I remain, on my bed. Blogging. 
I could post how pathetic it is, no parties to go to. No friends to hangout with. It’s all so … Tumblr. 
I’m so awkward. 
I have no friends. 
I’d rather be blogging than drinking anyway. 
All can be said for my night, all though none of which would be true. This time last year I went to two New Years parties. This year, I was also invited to two parties. Both of which were being hosted by good (great even) friends. Both of which would have been a lovely time. I mean who doesn’t love to get white girl wasted and make a night we wont remember (I’m yelling TIMBERRR). However, for whatever reason I just did not feel inclined to go to either party. There mere idea of leaving my house, going to a bar or club are so unappealing and I don’t know why. 
I think i’ve lost interest in regular teenage activities. I went to a bar last weekend, and I offered to DD. What kind of boring person offers to be the designated driver? This was a particular shock to all my friends who are used to me being the first one to puke every night out. 
But I’ve just lost interest. 
I fear I’m growing up. 
I think I’ve lost interest in everything that does not include travelling the world, (hence why I am still interested in this). Nonetheless, the New Year will ring in soon and I will greet it. Not with a champagne toast, a kiss from a lover or a cheeky set of cheers and laughter. I’ll greet it with a yawn and setting an alarm for tomorrow morning. 
Have a safe and happy New Year. May your resolutions reign true, but more importantly I hope you are able to enjoy 2014 more than you’ve enjoyed any year before. Make the best of the year, for they are limited. 

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