Friday, 14 February 2014

Hello Friends

I’m here to talk again. Have a chat, a discussion a tete-a-tete. I’ll think, I’ll type, you’ll read, you’ll relate. Although no one actually reads this, and i have no complaints about that. insert smily face here.
I’m feeling quite ill today and so my personal remedy is to blog. Though i have very little to talk about. The one thing that’s been buzzing in my ear lately is the concept of Passion. You know as you grow up and you search for your ideal path or whatever the only advice anyone ever gives you is to follow you dreams, see what you’re passionate about. But my problem is I do not know what I am passionate about. I don’t even know what passion feels like. Does that make sense? 
I mean sure I like things, I even LOVE things but how do I know when that one thing that really moves me. Entices me. Makes everything I want to do in life make sense. 
God I don’t know. 
Maybe this will make sense to me one day, and maybe it already makes sense to you? I don’t know, I have no idea. 

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