Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Prepare for unedited madness

Well hello there, I'm Salma and I’m currently in the application process, i’m a nervous wreck and I need to vent. The reality is, a year abroad which won’t affect my academics seems kind of unreal, but if is real, as long as I can pull together about 20 grand, a B+ average, get an academic letter or reference and pass an interview process. 
Initially i dreaded the B average of it all, not because thats difficult. To be quite frank a B is not asking much, however it is a cumulative B. Meaning my first and second year average should be a B, and this wouldnt be a problem if my First year average wasn’t so undeniably shit. (It was a C- i believe. Please don’t judge me, I am sorry… i really didn’t try. I partied, drank and cried mostly). However this year I seem to be doing quite well, I’ve gotten above a B+ on almost every major assignment, it may be important to note that i havent even had my semester one exams but OH WELL I AM PROUD OF MYSELF OKAY?! So stop being so gosh darn judgmental… 
I soon realized the B average should be achievable, hard work does pay off right? And trust me when i said I’ve been working hard. Once, i even opted out of an ABC club night to study for a midterm (and i got an A so can i get a hell yeah?). Now, my only concern is 20 grand. 
A whole year away. 
How the heck will i be able to afford that? 
Seriously need to caught back on spending, seek rehab for my online shopping addiction and stop watching Zoella videos. Every time I watch one of her “Favourite,” videos i found myself buying new makeup. I hardly even wear makeup. 

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