Thursday, 20 November 2014

21: Edinburgh

Ages ago I listed the 21 Cities I'd most like to visit during my year abroad. However with the realization that my months remaining in Europe are depleting as are my funds the reality of visiting all these cities appears to be unlikely. Nevertheless I do intend on seeing as many of these cities as possible. So, to finally get the ball rolling I spent last weekend visiting the closest of the twenty-one cities, I ventured on a two and half hour car ride north and arrived in Edinburgh. During my short trip to Scotland, Edinburgh quickly became my favourite city in the UK. Not only is it beautiful, but the people were amazing. I have absolutely no complaints. 

Autumn is certainly the best time of year for travelling.

 As much as I love the scots I can't say that they are the classiest of people.
 I hate myself for having chipped nail polish in this picture. 
 If there is one thing to know about me, it is that I love Harry Potter. So, obviously a trip to Edinburgh would not be complete without having lunch in the "birth place," of Harry Potter. Honestly, the food wasn't any different than most cafe's but it had a great view of the castle. Plus, if it's good enough for JK it's good enough for me.
 I was visiting Edinburgh with a huge Scotch fan, so the opportunity to go on a minor "Scotch Whisky," Tour could not be passed up. 
Prior to this trip I've never really been a Scotch person. In fact I basically hated it. During my weekend in Scotland however, I drank so much, learned so much and returned with so much Scotch that I know consider myself a Scotch appreciator. 
 I stayed at Castle Rock Hostel (photographed above) and had a wonderful stay. All of the other guests as well as the staff were phenomenal. If you are visiting Edinburgh I would recommend it, it is affordable and has a great location.
Also, whilst in Scotland I visited the highlands and went a bit mad in the Scottish National Museum so stay tuned for those!


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  1. SALMA HEES. YOU WENT TO THE ELEPHANT HOUSE WHERE QUEEN JK ROWLING WROTE. I'M SORRY I CANNOT HIDE MY JEALOUSY. I'M REALLY TRYING. Edinburgh looks amazing! I definitely need to make some time to visit at some point!!!