Friday, 23 May 2014

Catching up

Dear (two) readers of mine,

I thoroughly apologize for being MIA these past few weeks. In all honesty I don't even know how it happened, these things really are caused by a chain of events. At first I was under exam stress and couldn't find time to blog. Then I was a nervous wreck as I anticipated marks being posted and didn't want to think about my marks, or exchange or anything that involved either of the two. Ultimately that involved this blog as ... it will eventually document my exchange. Or at least, I hope it does. Then of course,  once my marks were posted I just couldn't find anything to write about. In my older posts I was very honest about my sentiments toward exchange, detailing the likelihood of this occurring by providing my actual marks. I'm not entirely sure how comfortable I am with that now, but why break a chain right? My marks were satisfactory I finished with 4 A's and 2 B's this semester and overall have a 9.0 average this year. I'm left just short of the 7.0 cumulative average I require for exchange and fall quite short of the 8.0 average expected of the University of Durham. My exchange coordinator however, did specifically request that the university prioritise my sessional average and hopefully they do so. I won't lie, I am very anxious and am finding it particularly difficult to be positive.

On another note, the three weeks I've had off of school have been (for the most part) uneventful. However, there have been some highlights. Well one highlight if I am being completely honest. On Tuesday May 6th, 2014 I was able to see one of my absolute favourite bands live. The 1975 played a gig in Toronto and I must say it was the most enjoyable concert I have ever been to. I will likely do an entire blog post about this later, but I'll give you a sneak peak for now.

Exciting isn't it? 

Anyways, as I was previously saying, I don't live in Toronto however I do live relatively close to it. Still, I don't often go to Toronto thus making this concert an exceptionally pleasant trip. So, as my sister and I ventured on an hour train ride east we (well.. mostly me) unleashed the tourist within and documented everything. I tried to justify my tourist behaviour with the whole "I am a blogger," excuse, but if I am being honest I am unsure when and where one goes from "blogging," to being a "blogger." As I most definitely "blog," but calling myself a "blogger," seems to be an overstatement.

Nevertheless, I wanted to share some of my favourite pictures of my day in downtown Toronto. A place which is indisputably the life of Canada.

I hope you enjoyed these and I promise not to leave you for so long ever again.



  1. I hope you start to feel a bit more positive about things and you see a clear path forward!
    Congratulations on your marks, it's really daunting sometimes but you got through it :)
    I have my fingers crossed for you!

    I love love love the 1975, I am so jelly you got to see them! xx

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I've been reading some of your old posts, and now I really want you to get to go on the exchange! They should definitely let you, just because your marks aren't perfect doesn't mean you shouldn't get in, marks aren't the only things that define a person. :)
    Emma | theearththroughalens

  3. Hey out of curiosity how did you flip the side bar to the right hand side? I've been trying to flip the two columns around with no luck so far.

    Please and thanks

  4. Really like you pictures!
    & Yeyyy Congrats for your marks! :)